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標題: American Airlines Is At Complete Throttle And Prepared For Take Off Ray Ban Wayf [打印本頁]

作者: xcfhel774    時間: 2013-5-30 16:33     標題: American Airlines Is At Complete Throttle And Prepared For Take Off Ray Ban Wayf

American Airlines Is At Full Throttle And Prepared For Take Off
Doug Parker is a single quite sharp guy. He has been carefully putting collectively plans for the takeover/merger of American Airlines for some time. Taking his time,Ray Ban, crafting issues like increasing in client service ratings, acquiring the help of AMR's unions,Cheap Ray Bans, gathering numbers that show this mixture might be prosperous financially. Airways pilots have also joined with AMR's 3 other unions and come to an agreement that combining the two is what they want. Never let this ship sail with out you. The official statement is so close its like a protracted Christmas Eve for investors. Air stock was just $4.00 a share and at this time it's: US Airways Group,Ray Ban Aviators, Inc. Air stock took just 33 days to go from $19.00 a share to a peak of $61.00. This event will probably be filled with adjectives inside the media. Brian Williams might possibly possess the intro to his NBC Evening News interrupted once more.
My guess is the fact that within 3 weeks of an official announcement the stock will effectively past the 2005 peak of just $61,Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses.00. The sky's the limit. The costs might be rolling upwards like a Vegas Slot Machine out of control,Ray Ban Sale.
No doubt that news which include: "A combined US Airways-American Airlines will be capable to improved compete with United-Continental and Delta Airlines. Cost savings could be important. Additionally, American Airlines is robust in locations that US Airways just isn't. Also of wonderful significance is that union leaders help a merger for American, in line with a USA At this time post." Little Cap Network April 23, 2012
And."Can The US Airways-American Merger Make You Dollars?" - YES- Investment Underground May well 2nd 2012
Disclosure: I've no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the following 72 hours.
Added disclosure: When I did the math around the news of American Airlines huge loss,Cheap Ray Bans, that had not even hit the wires, combined using the obtain of 300+ Airbus jets I employed my "News Stringer" investigatory abilities to pursue the story. Air Stock. Airways employee I have met, briefly, with Doug Parker and discovered him to be the smartest guy inside the area who just blends correct in. I hope to fllow the new American Airlines as it finds its footing and write about what events along the bumpy road ahead means for investors.
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作者: wrgheerx38    時間: 2013-5-30 19:31     標題: and as such would be treated with derision

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